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Dr. Nicholas DiRusso of Eastchester, NY gets two thumbs down for his lack of confidence in treating ill animals, and for the misdiagnosis of my pet. His misdiagnosis and failure to explore the causes of her illness ultimately led to her death.

He sells expired medications at FULL price, and his office staff is extremely uneducated. The woman who works at the front desk rarely passes messages on to the doctor, and his assistant isn't even licensed!!

His website boasts about on-site diagnostics, which is a complete and utter lie. You have to normally wait a week to get diagnostic testing done at his facility.

He lacks compassion and integrity, which are two of the most important qualities a doctor should have. I would suggest rethinking your decision to seek medical care for your pet from him.

Review about: Pet Treatment.



Abusive to people and animals. Him and his wife are psycho


They dont care about your pet they only care about your money. I want a vetenarian who cares about my dogs health. Wont be coming back here again.


Dont even understand how this place is still running, i agree with all the bad reviews.If you want your animal to be healthy and live, I strongly recommend you do not bring them here.

I should also add that my dog got nuderd here, and he still humps all the dogs.Just horrible.


Ive saw bad reviews about this vet before.The assistant is a complete weirdo.

My dog was crying and shaking the 2nd time i brung him here. I have never seen my dog scared for his life like that. I strongly advise everyone to stay away from this vet for the safety of your animal. I willl never go back there again.

Anyone i know who goes there i will be sure to tell them the same thing. Cannot believe my dog was so scared !!!!! My dog was sick and brcame more sick after the medications he took were expired.

I hope one day this place shuts down.The assistant is a real weirdo and very unprofessional.


dr dirusso was really nice and even saw my cat withoit having a record of his vaccines... his wife on the other hand is an absolute lunatic rud uncompassionate and unprofessional! poor guy i feel bad for him and i definitely won't be goig back.


Dr.Dirusso is awful!

I have been taking my dog to see him for 6 years now. Last weekend we were horrified to find out that while being walked by the dog walker, our dog was hit by a car. The dog walker took him straight to Dr. Dirusso, and was told he needed to go to the ER.

Due to the emergency, the dog walker did not have $100 cash on her to pay for this 5 second vet visit, so instead of caring for my dogs life, he shut the door and REFUSED to let her take him to the hospital. She had to frantically call people to provide her with the $100 CASH. About 20 minutes later, my dog sat in his office in pain with a broken hip and internal bleeding, they were able to pay him and Dr. DiRusso released him where we were able to meet him at the hospital.

I have no idea what took them so long and was disgusted to find this out.

My dog could have easily passed away and was sitting in pain for a $100.Disgusting, he should not be a vet.


I haven't been around that area for years, but when Nick was my vet, he was the BEST. Kind, compassionate and willing to work with me to the best interest of my dogs. I have nothing but good things to say about him.


I was upset to have received expired drugs from Dr.Nicholas DiRusso, but shocked at the response when I went to the office to pick up current medications.

The staff, (Vet and wife), were abrupt when questioned, and walked out of the reception area without even an apology.

Dr.DiRusso had been my vet for years.






I AGREE WITH YOU!he also killed my dog...

His staff is very odd and unfriendly also. He mistreated my dog 6 times and gave him expired meds 4 times and sold it to me for full price... PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR PET HERE he is dangerous and harmful to your pet..

i remember when i use to bring my dog here he use to try and run away..please save your animal and do not come here!!!!!!


I bring both my dogs there for 11 yrs & love him and his staff! Sorry to disagree, guess everyone has there differences :zzz


I have used Dr. DiRusso for over 15 years and always found him accommodating, reasonable and never had any kind of a problem..Sorry I can't agree

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I had the pleasure of meeting Dr.DiRusso in the mid-1980's, used his services for our cat who subsequently passed away, and re-kindled a relationship in 2001 when we acquired a dog.

I cannot believe the comments here as I agree with Tod, in that Dr. DiRusso has always been careing, insightful, reasonable veterinarian, as well as an incredible artist. His wife is a lovely person, who met Dr. DiRusso through her animal rescue work.


DiRusso has never over-treated, over-medicated or over-charged for anything!I wish the DiRussos would consider retiring to my new locale so I may continue to use his services.

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Hey I was shocked to read some of these comments, I have been going to his practice for 6 years now and i have not one complaint.Of course some dogs are going to be scared when they are in a place they are unfamiliar with LOL.

I originally used to go to another vet until my dog came down with a huge tumor on her leg, they wanted to put her down so I came here to get a second opinion. Dr. DiRusso amputated her her and we got another 2 full years out of her.

Other professionals who even saw the amputation would comment how impressed they were by the surgery.

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